Mystery Wine Revealed: 2009 Tobin James, Sundance

This week William Shatner met with restaurant owner Justin Urich. His restaurant, On The 30 features 30 wines and 30 beers all from California because he claims California does it best! 

Let's review! The mystery wine revealed this week was the 2009 Tobin James, Sundance (Sauvignon Blanc). Justin had no problem quickly figuring out it was in fact a sauvignon blanc even though. What we took away from this week's episode was the very real and dramatic difference between our palates. A wine that our sommelier gave a 96 to was something that Justin would only ever cook with. It just proves how and why learning about and tasting wine is an exciting and unpredictable experience.

The Tobin James sauvignon blanc is knowns for it's strong kiwi aromas. It pairs well with a fresh chicken salad or an entree featuring chicken breast stuffed with feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes. Hungry yet? A bottle of the sauvignon blanc goes for about $12-$14. So if you like the taste, it's the perfect wine to take over a friends house, sit on the back porch and sip the night away. If you're more interested for a night out and you're in the Los Angeles area, why not go out for some pizza and wine at On The 30

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