Oscars 2015: A Toast To The Movies!

This weekend, everyone will be tuning in to the Oscars on Sunday night, settling in for a long day of red carpet watching on E! and picking out their favorite bubbly or pinot to get through the endless parade of dresses, tuxes, and little gold men. We’ve had a number of actor-ly types joining Bill on Brown Bag Wine Tasting, so we turn to them to for some creative ways to describe how we should pick our Oscar day toast.

Model/actress Courtney Hope Turner told Bill her the red tasted like "walking out of an audition, knowing the other competitors messed up their lines." Maybe the perfect sipper to celebrate the theater commentary in Birdman?

Supernatural hottie Misha Collins talked about his charity, Random Acts of Kindness, and channelled his knowledge of the world beyond into some great wine adjectives, like "primordial" and "primitive". Perhaps a white with a "deviant finish" to toast Jake Gyllenhaal's creepy character in Nightcrawler?

Actors Catherine Oxenberg & Casper Van Dien do their best to describe wine in terms of sexuality -- "penetrative" "warming" and allowing the wine to "have its way with you." Sounds perfect for toasting the dark sexy thriller Gone Girl, for which Rosamund Pike is nominated as Best Actress.

What will you be drinking on Oscar night? Share your favorite movie and wine pairings below!

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