Six Tasty, Vegetable-Infused Wines You Must Try

Get your detox on with this six-day wine cleanse from Club W & you'll be glowing with natural flush!


We know that the thought of cleansing can be scary, but with these six tasty, vegetable-infused wines from Club W they promise it'll be a breeze!  

And with flavors like Puckerface Pinot Grigio, Block Rocking Beets & Power Fusion Prosecco how could you not want to try it? 

Click in to watch the video below & be sure to visit Club W to get your detox on today!

But if this Veggie infused wine isn't your thing & you prefer a nice glass of Merlot - fear not for real wine can still fit into your diet & we've done the math with a Barry’s Boot Camp personal trainer to find out how! Just click in below to watch the episode on "Brown Bag Wine Tasting with William Shatner."

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