Chuck's Favorite Show Moments

The late-blooming diver on the "Laura Jean" reflects on the new season of "Catching Hell"

By: Chuck

Chuck from Catching Hell

It was hard to find my favorite moment in the show when the experience of making television was crazy enough. Many lessons were learned and the first, most important, was I was filming a reality television show instead of commercial fishing. This did not mean it was not reality, it only meant I had to accommodate the camera. Being able to experience what goes into making a reality television show is unexplainable, however I have to say my favorite moment was meeting the cast and crew. The gulf/pond fisherman, some are a little cocky and arrogant (the problem is they have no right to be cocky until they have fished the Atlantic Ocean), and some are genuinely nice, such as my captain Rick. The crew had really big names because most have worked on reality blockbuster shows. I loved meeting Bill with the hat, but all of the crew was great.

My favorite fishing moment was my best dive, in South Carolina, a run over (when the boat runs over a new piece of bottom), and Vic gave up his turn and I dove. This situation could have been a donut or a meatball and it turned out to be a meatball. After rolling over, two fish met me 20 feet from the bottom, and I had them on my stringer before my knees hit the sand. There were gag and scamp grouper everywhere. Every pronger that left my gun stoned a fish and I had shot most of my fish before I approached the ledge, a small piece of bottom at 145 feet, about ten yards long, and two feet in height. Even though there was not much to the ledge, it did not matter I had to get them all, a total harvest. I ended up with 14 fish with a 15-pound average, two boxes totaling $1,155. A close second to this epic dive was the big ass tiger shark encounter, another story. My wife says I have a vast amount of useless knowledge up in my noodle so stay tuned for more. Catch-um-up. Chuck out.

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