Michael Jordan Says He Could Beat LeBron James One On One

The new video game NBA 2k14 (which by the way looks pretty amazing) was released today and along with it came a video of Michael Jordan saying that he believes that in his prime he could beat LeBron James in a one on one game.

Michael Jordan

Truth is, we'd like to believe he's right BECAUSE HE'S MICHAEL JORDAN THE GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME AND STAR OF THE MOVIE SPACE JAM!MJ does, however, admit that he might not be able to beat Kobe Bryant only because he says Kobe stole all of his moves.

Check out MJ saying it himself near the end of the video at 2:10.

Kobe responded to Michael Jordan on twitter:


Check out LeBron James showing off some of the graphics in the new NBA 2k14 video game.

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