Woman Quits Job By Dancing Around In Now Viral Video

Do you hate your job? Well here's a way to quit that job AND let everybody know about it.Marina Schifrin worked as a video editor for Next Media Animation when she decided to quit because her boss as she writes cared "more about quantity and how many views each video gets" instead of quality.

Dancing Woman

Most people have probably dreamed of making an exit like this one. But at some point in the process, setting up the camera, dancing around, writing the text, editing the video, choosing the Kanye West song, most people would think twice.

In a way this is sort of like a resume to future employers. It's like saying, "Hey future boss! I'm pretty good at making videos and even though my dancing is subpar, I am not afraid to speak my mind (and I'll be a lot of fun at the Holiday party!). But in all seriousness, if you cross me, the world will know about it."

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