Justin Bieber's Music Monday Continues

Last week Justin Bieber announced that he will release a new single on Mondays for the next ten weeks. Well it's Monday and he released his second single, All That Matters. It's quickly taken over twitter.

We tried to listen to it but we fell asleep. Why all these slow jams, Bieber?

Here's the chorus to All That Matters:

"Yeah, yeah, what's a king bed without a queen There ain't no "I" in team You make me complete You're all that matters to me"

It's romantic AND encourages good spelling. Wow. Those lyrics are so bad we wouldn't be surprised if Justin actually wrote it.

You can also check out last week's single, Heartbreaker, if you want to. You don't have to. Don't let the Beliebers control you! You control the Beliebers! (Nobody controls the Beliebers.)

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