5 Memorable Moments With Malik

Earlier this week, Malik Whiter, a Florida high school student, posed for a selfie in front of his teacher, Susana Halleck, as she went into labor in the classroom. Because what better time to stop and a take a picture? Well, the picture went viral and was retweeted over 20,000 times. Is this really a selfie? Or a photobomb? And if so, is Malik photobombing his teacher or is the teacher photobombing Malik?

Here's the famous pic.original

In his defense, Malik says he wanted to “capture the memorable moment for himself and her.”

Truth is, when it comes to making memorable moments, Malik is always there...

1. When St. Louis Blues player Maxim Lapierre was suspended earlier this week for an illegal check against the San Jose Sharks, Malik was there.Sunglasses 1

2. When the Titanic was sinking and Jack and Rose were foggin' up the windows in that old school car, Malik was there.Sunglasses 2

3. When our Founding Father's signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, Malik was there.Sunglasses 3

4. When Australian treasure and Hollywood sweetheart Nicole Kidman got run over by a paparazzi on a bike, Malik was there.Sunglasses 4

5. When Kerri Strug won the gold medal for the US Olympic Team in the 1996 Olympics after tearing two ligaments in her ankle, Malik was there.Sunglasses 5

Go Malik go!

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