Surviving Without The National Zoo Panda Cam: Day 2

Thanks to the Government Shutdown, our country has now been living without the National Zoo Panda Cam for TWO DAYS! WHOEVER SAID OUR NATION'S PANDA CAM WAS NON-ESSENTIAL HAS IT COMING!

Agreed. This morning we rushed to the National Zoo's website to see if there was a change of heart overnight but alas, still no camera. Panda Screen Shot We know we aren't the only citizens upset over this national tragedy.There's one question on everyone's mind:To help you function during the government shutdown, here are some of the CUTEST panda clips we could find to help you get through the day:

This video gets particularly adorable around 0:20.OMG, this baby panda tries to escape from his playpen. #OMG #LOLPanda's like, "Hey, talk to the hand!"At about 0:55, this baby panda looks directly in the camera and into your soul.We went to this video to see a Panda swing but at 1:43 the panda gets in a wrestling match with a broom and it's probably the cutest thing IN THE WORLD.Everybody loves Kung Fu Panda!

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