Pitch Perfect 2.0: A Capella Strikes Again!

Thanks to the movie Pitch Perfect, apparently, a capella is "cool." That's a sentence those of us born before 1995 thought we'd never read!

Well the good looking people in the video below have nice voices and they're pretty good at this whole a capella thing.

acapella disney

If you like Disney songs and over acting and a capella, you will LOVE this video. If you like two of those things, you will LIKE the video. If you hate ALL of those things, you have no soul. (Too harsh?)

According to the singers, Disney helped them produce this video so...that means someone approved those costume changes and awkward transitions i.e. when Pocahontas (female singer) throws a rock into the river and Sebastian (male singer) catches it and begins singing "Under the Sea." Interesting. #NerdyChills

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