PGA Tour's New Mascot: Sammy the Squirrel

Now here's a story from the world of golf! (Try not to fall asleep!)

The PGA Tour Presidents Cup golf tournament started yesterday and yet no one is talking about the golf. Golfer Davis Love III made a new friend on the course and this squirrel has become such a focus, nobody even knows what's happening in the Presidents Cup. Just like the internet, golfers are easily distracted by cute animals.

A video of Lindsay Vonn introducing the squirrel to Tiger Woods has been circulating all day. It's clear that Tiger LOVES the squirrel and doesn't mind being distracted AT ALL.

The more disturbing part of the video is not Tiger's reaction but the fact that Davis Love III keeps the squirrel in his pocket.

Unfortunately for Davis (and fortunately for the squirrel), he released Sammy back into the wild where he belongs.

Cool story, golf. Let us know when you make friends with a cute gopher.

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