Fox News Reveals BATS: Big Area Touchscreens

In the last 24 hours, Fox News's Shepard Smith unveiled the new Fox News Deck where journalists will be on camera sifting through news and social media to bring the world the most breaking, breaking news. Other news networks have created similar spaces. For example, the Today Show launched their "Orange Room" which does the same thing. But there's something a little different about this room. They're called BATS, Big Area Touchscreens, and they're 55" screens that each journalist will sit in front of. Any of these touchscreens are ready to be displayed on air. Look at those giant BATS! (With a name like Big Area Touchscreens, it's almost as if Fox is asking for it on purpose.)


In ten years the breaking news story will be, Fox News journalists blind after years of sitting too close to giant screen. Behind the BATS, is a 38 foot wall in which pictures can be displayed and moved around with the touch of Shep's magic wand. To see Shep's entire video, click here.

Yep, it didn't take long for Big Area Touchscreen to stand for something else. Way to go, Fox News!

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