Willy Wonka and the 5 Golden Phones


Only five of golden phones will be made and sold at about $4,400 each (Personal butler NOT included). The gold HTC One is exactly like the boring old normal HTC One except the cover, front and back, is made of 18ct gold.

What they haven't told tell you is that the gold phone probably weighs 12 lbs and will be stolen from the spoiled teenager who convinces his or her Dad to buy it only to cover with a ridiculous $25 bunny ear cover. Such a shame.

But who would really want a phone made out of gold? Uh, Donald Trump. Then he could talk on his gold phones, in his gold living rooms and probably on his gold toilets. The gold toilet thing is a safe assumption based on this picture of his living room.


Let us know when the REAL gold phone is available in an iPhone.

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