Justin Bieber Releases Believe Movie Poster In Most Complicated Way Ever

Today, Moviefone and several other websites debuted four pieces of the new movie poster for Justin Bieber's "Believe" and left it up to his fans to find the rest of the pieces (12 total) on twitter, instagram and facebook. Once they found all 12, all they had to do was print it out, assemble the poster, take a picture and tweet it to #BelieveMoviePoster. It's so easy! (For some Bieber fans it really was. HOLY CRAP THEY WORK FAST.)

Here's the final product:

Movie tickets for Believe go on sale in two days but the movie doesn't come out until Christmas. We probably should've seen this movie coming. Never Say Never...to another documentary about Justin Bieber.

Did anybody else get a real dark and ominous vibe from that preview? Just us?

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