McDonald's Is "Gross" But We're Lovin' It Anyway

Listen, we should all know by now how terrible McDonald's is for the human body.It's been proven many times.

Morgan Spurlocked proved it in his documentary Supersize Me.

The doctors of the talk show The Doctors proved it with this 14 year old McDonald's burger:

Whoever made this video did a pretty good job proving it:

This week, someone else proved it when they leaked a picture of a frozen McRib patty.

Here's what a McRib looks like after you order it:original

Here's what it looks like before:uLG1TTI

Sure, that looks disgusting. But guess what, we all still eat at McDonald's. Well maybe not all of you but some of you, most of you, still love swinging through every once in a while, whether it's for a quarter pounder, a sausage egg McMuffin, chicken nuggets, french fries, a fresh coke, or maybe it's March and you're craving a Shamrock Shake. Let's all just accept that there's probably a little piece of McDonald's inside all of us just trying to find it's way out.

Jim Gaffigan gets it.

We're lovin' it.Hey, McDonald's offers apple slices...and milk too!

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