Twitter War: Anderson Cooper and Alec Baldwin


It's been a rough week for Alec Baldwin (although we don't feel bad for him) after a video showed him calling a reporter derogatory words which Alec then denied saying.As a result, his weekly MSNBC show has been "put on hold" and doesn't have a return date. He said in an interview, "f the show dies, its fate ends up being no different than the vast majority of start-up TV programming, and so be it. We do take a small amount of pride in knowing that we beat CNN in the ratings each of our nights. (I forget who they had on at that time.)"

Psst, he's talking about Anderson Cooper. He then tweeted some now deleted tweets from his show's twitter account talking about his ratings and of course how much better they were than Anderson Cooper's.



Well, last night, Anderson Cooper 360 tweeted out a few more things about Alec Baldwin.

To which an Alec Baldwin account tweeted at him:

Anderson quickly replied:

Then realizing that Alec Baldwin retired his personal twitter account earlier this year, Anderson tweeted:

Whoops! Now if that is a fake account (and we're also assuming it is), whoever sent out those tweets did a great job sounding like Alec Baldwin. Even Anderson almost fell for it.

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