Aaron Carter is Bankrupt

Aaron Carter of late 90's and early 00's "fame" (mostly for being related to Backstreet Boy Nick Carter) filed for bankruptcy last week. The 25 year old went into pretty serious debt in his even younger, wilder days that he couldn't pay off. He owed about $2 million but as of last month had about $917 in his bank account. Whoops.


Aaron has been very busy on twitter the last few days showing a lot of love for all the "Aaronators" out there. By the way, we hate to point this out but when "Aaronators" is said quickly, when short of breath or with a silent H, it sounds like "Aaron-Haters." Maybe it's time to rethink the name?

In his heyday, Aaron was known for his single, "That's How I Beat Shaq." Shaq appeared in the music video (this was back in his "Kazaam" phase) and Aaron Carter "dunked" on him.

A few years ago, Aaron played Shaq in a rematch. All four "Aaronators" were so excited. (It actually was pretty great but we are pretty big Shaq-anators.)

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