Internet Star Alex Tanney Signed By Cleveland Browns

Remember this guy?

His amazing video went viral about two years ago and this week, it paid off once again. In 2012 he was signed to the Kansas City Chiefs and released shortly after. Earlier this year, he was signed to the Dallas Cowboys and again was released after only a couple of months. Now the Cleveland Browns have swooped up the quarterback and it looks like he may play in their regular season.

AR-306069935.jpg&MaxW=600 reports that, "The quarterback who used to be known as “A.T.” became “Trick Shot” in Kansas City, a nickname that he concedes has resurfaced in Berea. Do players ask him to demonstrate the skills that have produced 3.4 million page views? "Yeah I have heard a few guys mention it but I try and shy away from it," Tanney said."

If you ask us, Tanney should embrace his internet fame.

Cleveland fans seem pretty excited about the new addition to their team (or they're just really sick of the quarterback they already have).

Basically the Cleveland Browns are like the real life South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs. They'll take a risk on an internet sensation just like the Mud Dogs took a risk on a crazy water boy (being a little desperate helps too). Here's hoping this risk pays off.

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