Friday, Chinese Food and Now ABCDEFG

Remember the song Chinese Food? We covered it on our show a few weeks ago:

Well, Alison Gold and Patrice Wilson are back with her follow up single, "ABCDEFG." And this one is creepier than ever.

Before you watch the video and see the madness for yourself, let us give you a quick synopsis. The video starts with Patrice Wilson playing "Mr. Roger". Alison lives in his neighborhood (the miniature version that is in his living room) and he is the basically the puppet master. She's in love with a kid who doesn't notice her and is singing about the alphabet. So Mr. Wilson steps in with his love potion which actually turns out to be puppet potion and everyone but Alison and the kid she's in love with turns into puppets. Then somehow a human potion shows up and when the boy Alison is in love with accidentally drinks it, he turns into Chinese food and Alison eats him. She loves Chinese Food, get it?!?!

Ok, now watch it.

Is Patrice sitting in his evil lair somewhere laughing at all of us?


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