Today's Google Doodle: The Rorschach Test

If you head to google today to look something up and we all inevitably will, you will see the new doodle honoring Hermann Rorschach the psychologist who invented the Rorschach or Inkblot test.

Forget doctor patient confidentiality, what are twitter users "seeing" today?

T-Rex Well obviously there is nothing else to see but t-rex in that picture.

Bane batman

Whoever you are, you are a nerd (although we'd probably a watch a movie about Batman, Ironman and Bane).

goth manta ray Yeah, ok, we can see that. You're NOT crazy.

ET watching a movie

Sir, you are 100% correct. We're not psychologists but you are definitely the most sane person on twitter.

These two are looking as the same picture with two very different reactions:


Ummmm, you're both wrong?

Tell us what you see!

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