Beyonce's New Album Released Today: SURPRISE!

After wearing a fur coat to a vegan restaurant this week, we thought we couldn't love Beyonce anymore and then she goes and surprises us once again. Beyonce released a new album last night and nobody saw it coming. At midnight, Beyonce sent out an instavid on instagram announcing her new album and the caption was short and sweet: "Surprise!" The album is called "Beyonce" and includes 14 songs and 17 videos. It's being called a visual album and it's available now.

This twitter user pretty much sums it all up:

So naturally, trending on twitter this morning is #QueenBey and we expect it to continue to trend all day. It's amazing Beyonce has the energy to release a new album AND maintain a vegan diet.

And lastly, this vine.Beyonce has released 30 second previews of her new album videos on her youtube page.Here's a sample for her song Blue featuring Blue Ivy.

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