Top 12 Clips From Christmas Sitcom Episodes Past

Instead of the 12 Days of Christmas, Daily ReHash brings you the 12 Classic TV Moments of Christmas. This is sure to bring back fond memories of Christmas past.

12. Boy Meets World Cory gave Topanga a "promise ring" for Christmas because they were going to be together forever, despite their differences. Teenage girls everywhere cried that night.

11. Full House That time Uncle Jesse ordered 17,000 snowcones to give Aunt Becky a White Christmas.

10. The Cosby Show Bill Cosby explains to little Raven Symone what race Santa Claus is.

9. Golden Girls Blanche can't keep her hands off Santa. #Gross

8. Friends Phoebe's Christmas song is full of heart (and near rhymes).

7. Seinfeld Elaine's Christmas card goes terribly wrong.

6. Cheers Frasier explains why Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is a damaging song for children.

5. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Remember on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Will promised that Boyz II Men would appear at his cousin Nicky's Christening? Amazing.

4. The Office That one time that Dwight ran over a goose on his way to work and proclaimed it a Christmas miracle!

3. Community In Community's Christmas episode "Regional Holiday Music", Troy, a Jehovah's Witness, decides to go undercover to spy on Christmas and take down the holiday from within.

2. 30 Rock When Tracy Jordan revealed he made a Christmas album back in 1998 on 30 Rock, we all wished we could actually buy that album.

1. Parks & Recreation The greatest Christmas surprise came from Parks & Rec when they revealed the Jerry Gergich's wife Gayle was in fact Christie Brinkley.

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