MERRY CHRISTMAS from Coca-Cola (Throughout the Years)

After the devastating typhoon in the Philippines this year, Coca-Cola decided to suspend its advertising in the Philippines and instead donate the money they would've spent to relief efforts. In addition to their advertising budget, they've also contributed over $2.5 million in cash and in-kind contributions.


So in honor of Coca-Cola's generosity (and because, let's get real, what is Christmas without ads of polar bears drinking Coke) let's take a trip down memory lane to Coca Cola Christmas ads past. The fact is, Coca-Cola did a lot to shape the way we look at Christmas. For example, they're the ones who came up with the way most of us picture Santa today thanks to an ad campaign they came up with way back in 1931 where an artist was asked by Archie Lee, an advertising executive, to draw a new way to look at Santa. He wanted a wholesome Santa to look both realisitic and symbolic. Using Clement Clark Moore's 1822 poem "A Visit From St. Nicholas" (commonly called "'Twas the Night Before Christmas", Haddon Sundblom came up with the Santa we know and love today.


You had no idea Coca-Cola ruled the world, did you? Or did you?

For a Coca-Cola addict this commercial is enough to bring tears (and intense cravings).

The full version of the commercial above was actually broken into three different commercials for television.

It's Christmas Time so Shake It Up with Natasha Bedingfield (Ad from 2011)

It's Christmas Time so Shake It Up with Train (Ad from 2010)

This year, Coca-Cola wants the world to Do Some Good (Ad from 2013)

And of course, the polar bears.


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