Is Justin Bieber Retiring?

After supposedly joking about retiring on the radio a few days before Christmas, Justin Bieber, on Christmas Eve, tweeted about his plans to retire. This time officially.

He followed that tweet up with:

So what's the deal? Is he retiring? Is he "here forever"? OR is this a big publicity stunt to motivate his fans to go see his new documentary "Believe" which came out in theaters on Christmas? If that was his big plan, it doesn't seem to be working because the movie is doing terribly in theaters. On opening day it came in 14th place at the box office making only $1.25 million.

However, the Beliebers are uniting and for the last few hours on twitter the hashtags #BelieveMovieWeekend and #2013BelieberMemories have been trending.

We had no idea he bought a star and named it Beliebers. Yikes.

What are your memories of Justin Bieber this year? #BieberBrothel

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