Is This Viral Video A Hoax Too?

After being fooled by Jimmy Kimmel, in what was the Great Twerking Video Hoax of 2013, can we possibly trust any other viral videos?

man sees wife for first time

If you've seen this video on your married friend's facebook page with comments like, "Aww, I hope my husband thinks I'm this hot!" don't be fooled. This video, of a man waking up from surgery having completely forgotten who is wife is and asking her if she was a model, smells fishy.

According to this article, a psychologist from the University of California-San Diego says that while anesthesia can cause some retrograde memory loss, it's very unlikely that it would wipe out 6 years of marriage.

In order to believe this video is real, we need proof! We'll need a picture of supposed "hot" wife, a marriage certificate and a written statement from Jimmy Kimmel's lawyers stating that he isn't the mastermind behind it. OR next time, just let us in on the hoax. We won't tell anyone!

So, is this a hoax? Or did this guy just make his wife feel REALLY good about herself?

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