McDonald's Blitz Box: The Adult Happy Meal

Are you envious of the box your child's kids meal comes in? (Let's pretend you are.) You don't have to be jealous anymore!

McDonald's Blitz Box

McDonald's is introducing the Blitz Box. A quick and easy way to order tons of food for multiple people (or at least pretend it's for multiple people). And did we mention it comes in a box? The new McDonald's Blitz Box contains: two Quarter Pounders with cheese, 10 Chicken McNuggets and two medium fries for just $14.99.

That's only 2,940 calories! Unless you order a drink too. But we've heard soda's bad for you.

As of now, the Blitz Box is only available in Kansas City, Missouri and is currently tied to a promotion with the Chiefs. So the rest of the country will have to wait their turn.

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