Justin Bieber Needs New Friends

On Saturday night, Justin Bieber escorted pro boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. to the ring with Lil' Wayne. Unsure what to do, the confused crowd began chanting, "Ellen! Ellen!" Even Lil' Wayne did a double take. (Ok ok, you're sick of Justin Bieber looks like a lesbian jokes? We'll try again.) Hanging out with Justin is part of Mayweather's latest court ordered community service. (No? How about...) Justin Bieber didn't know where he was and stumbled upon the boxing match looking for a vending machine with Funyuns in it. (We give up.)

Floyd Bieber

The #1 google search that night was, "Justin Bieber Floyd Mayweather Why"

We could ask the same thing about Chris Brown. Why? On September 5,Justin posted a picture of the two of them on his half pipe with the caption, "Breezy spray painted my half pipe. He's super dope"


Justin, is he making you call him Breezy? You can tell us. This is a safe space.

And then of course, there are the "Wild Kidz."

Friends don't let friends pee in buckets...especially when he's already wearing a diaper.

saggy pants


Whatever happened to that nice kid that Justin used to hang out with?

Justin Jaden


Guess things got a little weird there too.

Dear Usher, Your protege needs new friends. Please help. Love, Daily Rehash

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