Jaden Smith Isn't Crazy, He's 15.

If you follow Jaden Smith on twitter, you know that he's been tweeting some weird stuff lately.


Doesn't every 15 year old high school student say that when they're forced to read the Odyssey in 10th grade?

Here's the deal. Jaden Smith isn't crazy. He's just a 15 year old (who has made more money than any of us at Daily Rehash combined). And aren't all 15 year olds a little unhinged anyway?

Let's go back in time...

When you were 15, you were crying on TRL, begging Carson Daly to keep the Backstreet Boys song, "I Want It That Way" in the #1 slot.TRL GIRL

When you were 15, your parents definitely didn't get it except nobody, not even you, knew what "it" was.images-1

When you were 15, you thought your poetry could change the world.teenager

There is one difference between 15 year old you and 15 year old Jaden Smith and here lies the problem. Jaden Smith has 4 million followers on twitter and all you had was your AOL away message.


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