E.G. Daily Auditions for The Voice Despite Awesome Career

On the latest episode of The Voice, viewers heard a voice they hadn't listened to in years.Contestant and professional actress, voice actress and singer, E.G. Daily auditioned for The Voice tonight and wowed the judges with her rendition of Faith Hill's song Breathe.Still not sure who E.G. Daily is? If you've seen Better Off Dead, you've already heard her voice.How about now? Not only was E.G. Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats, she was also Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls.Of all her work, this is our personal favorite. "I LIKE you Dottie, LIKE!"So E.G., did your agent encourage you to audition for The voice? What gives? You've had an awesome career. Most people would've called it quits after Peewee Herman's Big Adventure. It doesn't get much better than that!eg dailyGood luck on Team Blake!

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