Labor Day Weekend Round Up: Klout, One Direction, Tebow & More

Labor Day weekend is known for time spent NOT laboring but it seemed like this Labor Day Weekend was a busy one in the twitter-sphere.

The weekend started early this year with the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream Speech" on Wednesday. On Thursday Klout tweeted:

klout tweet

Thank goes out to Buzzfeed for capturing that "gem" before it was deleted. For those of you who don't know what a Klout score is, well, we don't really know either (but we are tired of getting e-mails about it)! Later that day, the tweet was erased and followed up with:

We're assuming their Klout score went way down.

On Friday, One Direction's documentary, "This Is Us" came out. So that explains all the high pitch screaming we heard coming from the movie theater. That is a relief! @Brother_Liam tweeted:

The movie was directed by Morgan Spurlock, the documentarian known for eating McDonald's for a month straight without dying. We wonder which movie was harder to stomach.

Saturday was full of bad news for some footballs fans when Tim Tebow was released from the New England Patriots. Some cried, many rejoiced, others were optimistic. Radio DJ @CoreyRadio tweeted:

While you were lounging by the pool on Sunday afternoon, Diana Nyad was swimming. All. Day. Long. The 64-year-old woman swam 110 miles this weekend in 53 hours from Cuba to Florida. Friend of the show Mario Lopez tweeted:Thanks for making us feel lazy, Diana! (But seriously, we are amazed.)

Many celebrities sent out their Labor Day wishes yesterday. Neil Patrick Harris tweeted:

And John Stamos summed it all up with:Cheer up, Stamos. Technically summer isn't officially over until September 21st so enjoy it while you can.

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