Bruno Mars Will Take the Stage at 2014 Super Bowl Halftime

It will be months before we know who is actually competing in the Super Bowl. (The NFL just started off with a "boo" last week when Ryan Seacrest introduced the first game in Denver.) But on February 2, 2014, we already know who will be taking the stage during the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime.

The man who loves fedoras more than a History of Jazz major at NYU, Bruno Mars!

Bruno Mars

The NFL's video announcement is adorable. Why? There is footage of him when he was a child dressed as Elvis singing. Take a minute and watch it. Warning: His song "Locked Out of Heaven" will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Remember a couple of weeks ago during the VMA's when we realized how short Bruno Mars is? (Or how freakishly tall Taylor Swift is. You decide.)

Bruno Mars is short!

Are you excited about Bruno Mars's halftime performance or is it too soon to tell? It will be a hard top Beyonce's fierce and as always pants-less performance last year (with very brief special guest Destiny's Child).

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