Cheerios Airs Depressing (and Manipulative) Ad During Golden Globes and Twitter Strikes Back

Unless you were in the bathroom, you probably saw the Cheerios commercial last night during the Golden Globes that either made you sad or angry or, even worse, both. Nothing gets a live-tweeting comedian more amped up.

In the ad, a mom and her son are enjoying Cheerios when he starts asking questions about Nana. Basically the commercial implies that Nana is dead but because Nana used to eat cheerios with the mom, eating cheerios with her son is like eating cheerios with dead Nana. Make sense? Just so we're clear, we have souls and Nana's here at Daily ReHash so yes, we recognize that the situation in this ad is sad but it's pretty manipulative for Cheerios for force is on us like this. Here's the ad in case you missed it:

If you just shouted "Booooooooo" at your computer, you aren't alone. Those who were live tweeting the Golden Globes unleashed their wrath on this ad after it aired. Nobody, not even Cheerios, can manipulate twitter users into feeling emotion without their permission.

To be fair, there are some people who let the ad wash over them and reacted with the response Cheerios was most definitely hoping for.