The Legend of Pharrell and His Magic #Grammys Hat

Oh man, the Grammys were NEVERENDING last night and so were the tweets about Pharrell's hat (thank goodness). Nobody really understands why or where this hat came from but without Pharrell and his goofy hat the Grammys would have been SO boring.

56th GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

We kept track of all the hat action last night.

By the time the east coast finished watching the Grammys, Pharrell's hat already had his own twitter account.

And of course, it was quickly compared to many already famous hats.

One of our favorite tweets came from Arby's.

Pharrell's hat replied.

We couldn't agree more with this next tweet.

Some people defended the hat.

Others speculated on the future of the hat. King Jay-Z and Queen Bey are about to start a new trend (or have the hat murdered for taking too much attention away from them--it's too soon to tell).

But when it all comes down to it, Pharrell won 4 Grammys last night! The real question is, could he have won without the hat or is the hat the source of all his power?

Stay tuned.

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