Does the Hashtag #ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbola Make You Mad Too?

Yesterday it was announced that the first case of Ebola was found in the United States which, let's get real, put everyone in a bit of a panic. The man diagnosed with the disease returned from Liberia on September 20, came down with symptoms and sought medical help about a week later. The White House quickly assured us on twitter that everything was going to be ok but not before we imagined the opening credits of a movie where the population is quickly wiped out by the virus and well, ZOMBIES! 

We're not sure who started it but ever since the news broke yesterday, the hashtag #ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbola has been trending. 

Now, we're no strangers to a clever hashtag. Thanks to Comedy Central's show @Midnight, we participate in hashtag wars all the time. However, most people don't see anything funny about Ebola. Has this hashtag gone too far?

Think about it this way. While people focus on how much they hate this hashtag, they won't worry about getting Ebola and the CDC will stop Ebola in it's tracks and BAM! We're safe! Hashtags save the world again! Ok, ok, we're being flippant. 

Why do we have the feeling that there are a lot of Doomsday Preppers out there feeling pretty good about themselves right now?

Weigh in on this hashtag war. What do you think about #ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbola? 

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