Who Is The Wasco Clown?

If you scare easily, hate clowns and value your sleep at night, do NOT watch this news report. 

Someone (perhaps multiple people) dressed as the creepiest clowns imaginable have been seen wandering around the city of Wasco, California late at night. Of course, it's Halloween season so shenanigans like this are expected but this one is particularly creepy. Who is the Wasco clown? No one seems to know! Different clowns have also been seen in nearby cities, Bakersfield and Delano. But let's take this story one step creepier. Most of the clowns spotted have been holding a bunch of balloons, much like the horrible clown "Pennywise" from Stephen King's, "It."  However, Bakersfield police have now reported at least 16 sightings where the mysterious clown was holding a weapon such as a gun or a knife. Since this all began, there has been one arrest of a 14 year old boy who said he dressed up like a clown and scared some children after seeing posts on social media of the Wasco clown sightings. So who are these mysterious people dressing up like clowns and making all of our worst nightmares come to life? As of now, no one knows. 

The clown started appearing around town on October 1st and we can only imagine he'll be around until the end of the month. Some people think we should be worried about the Wasco clown. But should we be worried about the creepy clown with an Instagram account? What do you think? Is this some kind of sick prank or is danger lurking and we're willingly following it on instagram? 

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