Vine Stars Are Finally Breaking Into TV! It's About Time.

We've been featuring famous Viners on our show Behind the Vine for months now and some of our favorite guests are finally breaking from the small screen to the medium size screen. Rainn Wilson, most famous from his role as Dwight in The Office, recruited four Viners to star in the new television series Hollywood and Vine.

The scripted show will follow Lele Pons, Jerry Purpdrank, Simone Shepherd, and Christian DelGrosso on their journey into Hollywood.

Each of these Viners have millions and millions of followers so we are looking forward to watching their fame expand beyond the world of Vine. 

A few Viners have made their way to TV stardom already. King Bach (who appeared on our very first episode of Behind the Vine) has been seen on Showtime's House Of Lies and is a series regular on Adult Swim's Black Jesus. Another Viner, Alphonso McAuley has a regular role on ABC's The Middle.

The only Viner we have yet to interview is Christian DelGrosso who we're hoping to sit down with soon. No word yet on when Hollywood and Vine will come out but we will definitely be watching when it does. Will you?

Who else have we interviewed on Behind the Vine? Watch every episode here.

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