Hashtag Wars: Top 10 #LameApocalypses

You outdid yourselves you guys. Last night's hashtag wars was one for the record books. @Midnight started #LameApocalypses and the tweets poured in like a plague! Apparently you're all thinking about the apocalypse more than we realized. Perhaps writing a screenplay about one? We're in LA so we just assume everyone's working on a screenplay at all times. 

Without further ado, here are our Top 10 #LameApocalypses. (Why waste time when there could be NO tomorrow?!?!) 

Here's another lame apocalypse. An over zealous mother in Florida gathers 8,000 signatures for her petition to remove Breaking Bad toys from Toys R Us and it works. Toys R Us removed the toys! What kind of world are we living in! Watch for more.

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