The Hollywood Boulevard Turf War

Yesterday, there was a brawl on Hollywood Blvd. Who started it? Mr. Incredible, if you can believe it. Apparently Cat Woman was standing too close to his territory (spot on the street where he likes to take pictures for money with tourists) and he attacked her. Chewbacca stepped in to break it up, of course, because Chewbacca is a gentlemen. In the end of it all, Cat Woman walked away without any major scratches, although the fight was pretty traumatizing for the tourists trying to take pictures with their favorite characters. While assaulting Cat Woman was completely unacceptable, it's a little hard to watch this local news story with a straight face. 

According to the news reporter, "Many of the tourists we talked to out here, say the fight sets a bad example and gives the wrong image to little kids who come here expecting to see a superhero, not a turf war." But if you think about, what can you really learn from a superhero? A turf war is true life. This could be a teaching moment! Countries have been fighting over land for years and years! And until these characters learn to get along, and Hollywood Blvd is divided fairly, this turf war will only continue. 

The other important lesson we learned today? "If you're going to step into one of these costumes, maintain the integrity of the character." Just like Chewbacca. Not cool, Mr. Incredible.

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