The Best of #RejectedCandyHearts (So Far)

Here at Daily Rehash we just launched a new relationship show called #DisHarmony with hosts Nikki Limo and Will Rubio. In our latest episode, they discuss "Blind Dates." What happens when your blind date turns out to be a weirdo? Will and Nikki explain how to out crazy even the craziest blind dates.

Every year around Valentine's Day the hashtag #RejectedCandyHearts resurfaces forcing twitter users to come up with new and creative ways to make fun of the day that may or may not have been made up by the candy and card companies to make a crap load of money.


One of our favorite submissions comes from NBC's show Community.

Writer and smartie pants Jeopardy champion, Ken Jennings also tweeted about #RejectedCandyHearts. Although he was being a little more critical.

Here are some of our other favorite #RejectedCandyHearts so far.

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