Hashtag Wars: Top 10 #HarsherLoveSongs

Happy Valentine's Day!

If Valentine's Day makes you feel all cold and bitter inside, then last night's hashtag war #HarsherLoveSongs was right up your lonely alley. Honestly, this was one of the easier hashtag wars to participate in. Just take your favorite love song, add a little personal heartbreak to it and voila, it's now a hilarious tweet that we can all laugh at. Yay love!


And remember, when a hashtag involves a song, you have to sing each tweet. Those are the rules.

Here are our Top 10 #HarsherLoveSongs!

This week, Billy Ray Cyrus released his own #HarsherLoveSong: Achy Breaky Heart 2, an updated version of his 90's hit Achy Breaky Heart. It's true. We talk all about it in our latest episode of Daily Rehash.

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