10 Best Tweets Wishing You A Happy President's Day!

Happy President's Day, America! Holidays like President's Day illicit all kinds of response from the twitter-verse. And we dug deep to find tweets from all perspectives in our melting pot of opinionated, slightly overweight and social media obsessed American population.

We'll never get that image out of our head.

What would President's day be if we didn't recognize some of our favorite fictitious presidents.

We wouldn't be surprised if Independence Day was on TV tonight on TBS.

President's Day is also a time to remind all of the past presidential hopefuls out there that they're still not president.

And then there's the obligatory This-Guy-Was-Never-President-And-I-Know-That-But-There-Are-A-Lot-Of-People-Who-Don't-So-I'm-Going-To-Make-Fun-Of-Them joke. It's a classic.

And forget about the War on Christmas. What about the War on President's Day?!?!

Since we've still got another week of the Olympics to sit through, Russia is clearly on the mind.

This next tweet was just too cute. We couldn't resist.

Is Chipotle offering free burritos if you dress up as a president?

A lot of people have the day off except for this next guy.

He must work at a mattress or furniture store.

Happy President's Day, internet!




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