Kate Hansen's Epic #SochiFail was a Jimmy Kimmel HOAX!


Jimmy Kimmel strikes again! Two nights ago, Team USA luger, Kate Hansen posted a video from her twitter account showing a wolf in the hallway of her hotel. Every news outlet in America jumped on the story because apparently we all believe that this could actually happen. Sorry, Sochi. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy revealed it was all a hoax and had Kate on the show to explain how they pulled it off. A lot more went into it than you'd expect.

Kate Hansen seemed really cool about the whole prank even though she did say she received more backlash from it than she expected. It's been a pretty epic olympics for Kate. Even though she only finished 10th in luge, she's received a ton of press for her Beyonce inspired dance moves and now as the "girl who tweeted wolf."

Now back to the USA vs Canada hockey game. The stakes are pretty high because according to this hashtag, which is now trending, #LoserKeepsBieber.