Top 10 Tweets About Last Night's Bachelor Episode

Last night's episode of The Bachelor got real. After spending the night with Juan Pablo in the fantasy suite, contestant Andi decided to call it quits. She called the suite "a nightmare" that she couldn't wait to get out of. Apparently Juan Pablo spent the whole night talking about himself, mentioned his overnight date with another contestant (Clare) and told her that she was in the top three by default. According to Juan Pablo, he doesn't even know what the word default is (which is possible) but he did admit that she barely made it through. In the end, Andi won the "fight" and Juan Pablo came off like a real jerk.

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However, the most interesting and best part of the entire episode was when Andi asked Juan Pablo what he really knew about her saying, "You don't even know what religion I practice." Of course, he didn't. He then asked her what religion he practiced hoping to put her in her place by proving that she knew just as little about him as he did about her. Without blinking an eye, she answered, "Catholic." He was speechless. You guys, guess what? It's hard to actually get to know someone and fall in love on a televised reality dating competition! WHAT?!?!

At that point, she should've taken off her mic pack, dropped it on the ground, shouted "BOOM" and ran as quickly as she could to the airport.

When Andi was explaining why she was leaving, Juan Pablo kept saying "It's okay" which made every woman in America want to smack him.

Besides touching faces and saying "esss okay", Jaun Pablo's other default settings is saying "Besitos!" at the strangest moments.

Of course, Juan Pablos's ex-wife is probably enjoying this.

Andi might be America's new sweetheart.

We'll see you next season as the Bachelorette, Andi.

But of course, there were two other contestants on last night's episode.

For some reason Nikki thought this was an ok outfit.

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And Clare pretended like making the choice to spend the night in the Fantasy Suite with Juan Pablo was a difficult one for her. She is a great actress. Juan Pablo kept insisting that the fantasy suite was a great place for them to be alone without the cameras to talk for hours. Riiiiiiiight, talk.

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At this point, we really don't care who ends up with Juan Pablo. We don't think Juan Pablo cares that much either.


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