Top 5 Best Moments Of Seth Meyers's First Week Of Late Night

If you haven't been able to stay up to watch The Tonight Show, let alone, Late Night with Seth Meyers, we don't blame you. It's on so late. And what is YouTube for if not to catch up on things we missed?


So we thought we'd give you the Top 5 Moments from Seth Meyers's first week.

1. Fred Armisen (SNL, Portlandia) is Seth's band leader which is both great and also confusing because we didn't know he was a musician. However, we love Fred's comedy so we're happy to have him around as much as we can. Last night, Fred shared a little story about the citizen's arrest he made the night before.

2.Vice President Joe Biden visited Seth this week along with Amy Poehler which, if any of you are Parks and Recreation fans, should have made you very happy.

3. Seth Meyers's interview with Lena Dunham was full of fun stories including her latest run in with TSA.

4. Anytime making fun of Florida is on the table, we're in.

5. Amy Poehler was Seth's first guest and she was, as usual, totally delightful.

What does the twitter-verse think of Seth's first week?

We saw SO many tweets about Seth Meyers's new set, we dedicated an entire episode of Daily Rehash to it. Watch it now:

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