You Can See The First 8 Minutes Of Veronica Mars NOW

Kristen+Bell+Veronica+Mars+Premiere+2014+SXSW+uMsWQb6e27FlVeronica Mars (the movie) is FINALLY coming out nationwide on Friday. Since the TV show cancelled in 2007, Fans have been waiting to see what happened to Veronica, played by Kristen Bell. (She's having an amazing year so far, no?) The movie premiered at SXSW this past weekend and there director Rob Thomas got everybody excited about the future of Veronica Mars.

"I think the public will tell us when they are done with Veronica. Kristin loves doing it, and I see this as sort of a low budget James Bond franchise. In the next two to three years to send Veronica on another adventure, we'll be completely game for doing that."

He even went as far to say that Veronica could be the next Nancy Drew.

"Maybe we can have a Netflix R-rated version. I'm ready to take that call as well. It would make me incredibly happy. We've got the books coming out and then the Ryan Hansen spinoff. Nancy Drew has had a corner on the market for the last 70 years, I would love if Veronica got next 70."

Nancy Drew, the R-rated Netflix version?

But we digress, the movie brings back all of the best characters and based on the first 8 minutes available to watch on Fandango, it will not disappoint.

How is twitter handling the news? Well since the money for the movie was raised by fans via kickstarter, they couldn't be happier.

You can watch the first 8 minutes of the movie on Fandango here.

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