Hashtag Wars: Top 10 #FilthyCelebrities

Last night, Midnight started a hashtag war with one of those hashtags that could be interpreted in many different ways. #FilthyCelebrities was literal for a lot of people. We get it, Anthony Weiner is a filthy guy. But for us, because we're immature, all of your fart and poop jokes went very far. Sorry all you high brow comedians out there, poop and farts will always be funny. But we digress.

Here's what we tweeted.

We searched through the tweets this morning to pick out our favorites because we want you to know that your creative tweets don't go unnoticed. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the Top 10 #FilthyCelebrities. (And just so we don't get any hate mail, we did accept a few submissions under the hashtag #FilthyCelebrity.)

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