Top Disney Viral Videos For The Disney Fanatics

Yesterday a fish tank in Downtown Disney's T-Rex Cafe in Florida broke. According to patrons dining at the restaurant, the staff sprang into action trying to save the fish and began clearing everyone out of the restaurant. Of course, most people there grabbed their smartphones to capture video of the accident.

But a broken tank at Disney World isn't what we really wanted to share with you. You may have seen this video making the social media rounds the last week or so. It's another "Let It Go" cover but before you groan, this one is a little different.Singer and impersonator Brian Hull sings the entire song using 21 different Disney and Pixar character voices.

In our search for more Disney spoofs, we stumbled on this video where Elsa the Snow Queen convinces all the other Disney Princesses that they really don't need a man.

And this video from made us laugh because Ariel really would be a terrible, what's the word? Roommate.

These last two clips are more embarrassing than anything else. But apparently somebody's watching them.

It's a Disney boy band mashup!

Although the boy band clip is better, here's the exact same concept as the previous video except it features a girl band in a Spice Girl/Disney mashup.

We couldn't finish watching that last video either. What's your favorite viral Disney video?

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