Happy 30 Year Anniversary The Breakfast Club!

Based on the movie, The Breakfast Club, today is the 30th anniversary since the Breakfast Club met for Saturday detention.

Bjgal7gCAAAaUTNEverybody remembers the first time they saw The Breakfast Club.


Since the movie came out in 1985, it's been referenced in hundreds of films and TV shows including, very recently, everybody's favorite movie, Pitch Perfect.

Many of the animated comedies including Family Guy have satirized the film.

Because the film is so beloved, we wanted to go back in time and remember our favorite moments from it and stir up some of that angst we left behind in our younger years.


Here are our Top 10 Memorable Moments from The Breakfast Club:10. The dancing, oh the dancing.x7mOlwP


9. The way Judd Nelson's character, Bender, messed with Claire (Molly Ringwald).giphy-2

8. Classic Bender.Brian Nutrisious

Food Groups

Mr Rogers

Mr Johnson

7. The famous line the earned Bender detention Saturday after Saturday after Saturday.tumblr_mkooiqudCI1qfadkqo1_500

6. Claire's lame lipstick talent (that every girl who saw the movie tried at least once).mollygif

5. Everything Emilio Estevez. This sweatshirt move is like the equivalent of a dog chasing his tale. When you're bored enough, anything is interesting. tumblr_mutownQhMN1shvgtxo1_500

4. Preach!tumblr_mtc0a2x3nl1sgo287o1_500

3. Tights.You Wear Tights

No I don't


Shut Up

2. This.tumblr_llzbiboR3X1qi3n3go1_r1_500

1. And lastly, the greatest fist pump of all time.bc65

Happy Anniversary The Breakfast Club!

P.S. Only one year until Marty McFly arrives in the future.

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