Leonardo DiCaprio Fans Are In Mourning After The Oscars: No Pizza AND No Oscar?


Calm down, nothing that BAD happened to Leonardo. As far as we know, he's perfectly healthy. But last night at the Oscars, once again, he got shafted and didn't win an Oscar despite being nominated multiple times before. Must be tough. You know, being attractive, rich and respected but having to live that way WITHOUT A TROPHY? How does Leonardo sleep at night?

The internet is full on depressed about his loss.

But they aren't losing hope...

Hang in there, Leo-fans! IT WILL BE OK!

The real question is, does he regret not taking a piece of pizza from Ellen?


In her attempt to make last night the most interactive Oscars experience ever, Ellen ordered pizza for the celebrities in the audience and passed it around. However, Leo respectfully declined eating a slice giving the internet even more fodder to work with.







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