Top 12 Oscar Tweets About John Travolta and "Adele Dazeem"

Last night at the Oscars John Travolta just totally botched pronouncing Idina Menzel's name on stage instead calling her Adele Dazeem. Was it nerves? Did he misread the teleprompter? Was the teleprompter really that hard to see? Does this happen a lot? Somebody get the outtakes from any movie he's ever made!


Today, John Travolta is still trending and countless fake "Adele Dazeem" accounts have popped up on twitter. While people are mostly teasing Travolta for his mistake, others have rushed to his side blaming his openly talked about dyslexia. Anybody ever consider the teleprompter got it wrong?

Either way, when performing the Oscar winning song at the Oscars, it'd be nice to be introduced correctly. However, Idina Menzel is probably pretty grateful for Travolta taking all the attention today because if you were paying attention in between laughing and tweeting about the mispronunciation, she did sort of screech out the last few notes of the song. Probably from being so angry that she was introduced as ADELE DAZEEM. Unless of course, that really was Adele Dazeem, Idina Menzel's slightly less talented twin and John Travolta was just trying to show us the truth!

So now that you've seen the mistake, here are the Top 12 funniest tweets about it.

This morning, Ellen, who did a pretty ok job hosting the Oscars, tweeted this.

Travolta burn? Drunk tweet? Either way, Ellen is queen of twitter for the day (and maybe forever).

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